Unit Introduction

Harbin financial bureau is a government department that in charge of financial foundation work, include revenue and expenditure、fiscal policy、state capital and so on. It is also State Asset Supervision and Administration Commission. 


      Major Responsibilities of Harbin financial bureau:

      First, the implementation of national financial、revenue、accounting code and other relevant policies. The organizing and Implementing of financial development strategies、medium and long term plan、reform plan and other relevant policies. Total city macroeconomic policies are participation in decision-making. Make a proposal of using fiscal policy to execute macroeconomic regulation and balance financial capability. Proposed a series of measures increase the state tax revenue and fiscal revenue and continuously increase the proportion of revenue in GDP. Draw up and execute distribution policies that relevant to district government and county (city) government.
   Second, draw up draft regulations of basic management of finance and government capital, and management of financial and accounting. the formulation and implementation of finance、financial affairs、accounting management. Supervise issue lottery and application of proceeds. Organize international negotiations of foreign finance and debt, and sign draft agreements.
   Third, prepare whole municipality budget and final accounts draft; commissioned by the municipal government, report financial budget (accounts) and budget performance to Harbin Municipal People¨s Congress and The Standing Committee of the People¨s Congress of Harbin, and organize various types of reports of budget performance analysis; manage municipal avenue and extra budgetary funds and special financial accounts; manage the relevant of revenue of founds. Unified manage budget internal and external revenue and expenditure, comprehensive use of local financial; in charge of management of capital safe in the whole capital process that include execute department、intermediary bank、state treasury; Audit and report Administrative and Institutional Fees bill、management fees bill and penalty and confiscation bill.
     Fourth, participate in draft local tax laws and regulations; participate in promote local tax policies proposal, and deliberate on the proposal with tax department then forward tell; participate in define annual local revenue plan, according to arrangement of municipal budget.
    Fifth, management of municipal financial public expenditure; institute expenditure standards and policies that should be unified enacted; execute <Administrative department finance regulation>、<Public institution finance regulation>; Draft and execute government procurement budget, management of governmental procurement; management financial budgetary non-trade foreign exchange expenditure on administrative organization、public institution and social organization.
     Sixth, transact and supervise that municipal financial expenditure on improve economy、financial allocation from investment project of central and province and city、development fund and risk payment be invested by municipal finance, and participate in deliberation and assessment of the project;In charge of manage agriculture overall development capital.
    Seventh, manage of municipal financial social security funds; Draft financial management measure of social security funds; organize and implement financial supervise the using of social security funds.
    Eighth, execute guidelines and policies、rules and regulations and management measure of government foreign loans; Participate in investigate and draft local financial、government debt、securities and lottery policies, manage and supervise internal and external debt of municipal government; Transact and monitor business of government foreign debts translate to on-lending.
    Ninth,  the implementation of <Accounting Law>, supervise and execute accounting rules and regulations、<Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises>、<General Provisions on Enterprise Finance>、government general budget、accounting system of territorial district 、public institution and sector industry; Managements and guidelines of accounting management of whole municipality, training financial staff, participate in the examination work of qualification certificate of professional accounting in the whole municipality, and in charge of the training before the examination; guide and supervise the operation of certified public accountants and public accounting firms; guide and manage social audit; in charge of accountant accreditation.
   Tenth, supervise local tax laws and regulations performance, whole municipal finance expenditure and financial activities of municipal departments; Inspect the major issues of financial policy、rules and regulations performance and financial expenditure management, put forward policy proposal of strengthening financial management, investigate and punish disobey financial and economic discipline problem; Check revenue of administrative and institutional units and confiscation of income and expenditure with departments concerned, and administer irregular charges、irregular fund raising、irregular fines with the relevant departments.
     Eleventh, draw up a plan and organize an implement of financial scientist institute and education planning of whole municipal finance system; make a financial cadres training plan; In charge of the work of research、financial information、financial statement and financial propaganda.
    Twelfth, undertake other business assigned by municipality.
Office Address:421 Youyi Road, Daoli District, Harbin, China.
Government affairs public phone: 84853250
Complaints and reporting hotline: 84853332
Postcode: 150010
E-MAIL: bgs@hrbczj.gov.cn

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